Element Milan has been approved for hydrogen incude corrosion (HIC) for a global conglomerate and all of its supply chain partners. The plant in Milan joins four other Element laboratories in Abu Dhabi (UAE), Amsterdam (Europe), Dudley (United Kingdom) and Houston (USA), which are approved by Saudi Aramco for HIC testing. 

Matt Hopkinson, vice president of oil and gas and infrastructure, commented: “We are very proud of this achievement. As the world's largest oil and gas company, Saudi Aramco requires the highest level of knowledge from its testing partners. 

With more than 100 years of experience in this sector, Element has proven experience in providing timely and accurate test results and helps minimize the risks to its customers. 

The fact that five of the nine laboratories in the world that are approved for HIC testing for Saudi Aramco are part of Element speaks for our position as a leading provider of oil and gas testing services. ” 

Laboratory Element Milan specializes in a wide range of testing services, including: conventional mechanical testing, fracture mechanics; corrosion; serviceability (FFS); finite element analysis (FEM); residual life assessments (RLA); engineering critical assessment (ECA); failure analysis; creep test; chemical analysis; and cryogenic tests (in liquid helium). Along with standard pitting and crevice corrosion tests, Element Milan specialists also carry out corrosion tests under acidic conditions, including HIC and SSC. The installation is one of the few laboratories that can carry out tests on fracture mechanics (SENB, SENT, CT) and fatigue tests in an acidic environment.