Digital strategists in the oil and gas sector make it possible to use projects to introduce new, more transparent digital workflows in their operations. FutureOn, the industry leader in the offshore digital space, today officially launches its digital platform Twin FieldTwin, a cloud platform that allows the development of subsea fields from the first concept to the first oil. Visualizing FieldTwin's digital data in the offshore field provides for smarter, more collaborative, and efficient field planning and operation, which allows companies to produce oil more quickly. 

“Prospective companies understand that this is a great opportunity for big data analytics, which makes it possible to gain a competitive advantage and increase the return on their significant investments abroad,” said Paal Roppen, CEO of FutureOn. "FieldTwin visualizes and centralizes data in one source to increase collaboration, increase transparency, reduce costs, shorten time and improve operations." 


Builds field architecture around a single source of truth, thereby improving collaboration between project teams and reducing risks; 
Improves project workflow and data transparency while protecting confidential information; 
Integrates data from the IoT sensor into a visual contextual panel for monitoring equipment condition, well flow rates, performance values, vessel location and engineering tasks in real time; 
Optimizes previously uncontrolled and underused data streams using 2D / 3D visualizations; 
Reduces installation time; 
Protects data through cloud security systems; 
Combines artificial intelligence and historical data with well planning, drilling, installation and operation to improve field layout and concept selection. 

“Our customers in the field of exploration and production ultimately want to dismantle the platforms, as well as remotely control and maintain their underwater fields,” Roppen continues. “FutureOn and FieldTwin now allow all interested parties to see more than ever before — the same information, at the same time, to have a greater impact on the project’s results and make more effective decisions that save time, reduce mistakes and reduce risk". 

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