Innovations in the oil and gas sector

Pseudo Dry Gas Liquid Removal technology
Consulting company Worley INTECSEA, in partnership with the Center for Oil and Gas Technologies (CNT), finances the testing of a prototype of its pseudo-dry gas liquid removal system (PDG).This innovative technology has been developed for underwater connections over long distances, which are usually...
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New concept of development of offshore fields
Digital strategists in the oil and gas sector make it possible to use projects to introduce new, more transparent digital workflows in their operations. FutureOn, the industry leader in the offshore digital space, today officially launches its digital platform Twin FieldTwin, a cloud platform that...
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Saudi Aramco hydrogen incude corrosion test
Element Milan has been approved for hydrogen incude corrosion (HIC) for a global conglomerate and all of its supply chain partners. The plant in Milan joins four other Element laboratories in Abu Dhabi (UAE), Amsterdam (Europe), Dudley (United Kingdom) and Houston (USA), which are approved by Saudi...
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