The share price is the price of one share of a number of a company's inventory, production, industrial or other financial asset. Most often, the stock price is different from their market value - globally it is associated with the growth of income and the popularity of the company. The market price (also a quote or rate) is usually formed on the stock exchange trades and displays the balance of supply and demand for specific stocks.

Analysts are trying in every way to predict the market value of shares and assess further profits. Stock prices are influenced by seasonality, total company profits, geopolitical changes and many other factors that are difficult to keep track of.

In the OilDrop application, you can access the Finance section with the current prices of Russian stocks. In order to view them, you need to go to the Finance section and select Stocks in the top list. Quotes are updated every second Moscow time.

You will be aware of the shares of leading companies in Russia:

  • Sberbank
  • Rostelecom
  • VTB

In order to properly assess the situation in the financial sector of the country, it is necessary to regularly follow the news of stock markets and analysts' recommendations. The latest currency market news is available on the Currency tab in the Finance section. If you are interested in the recommendations of analysts on the purchase of shares - go to the Stocks tab and view the latest reviews and recommendations on the market value of the shares of various companies.

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