1. I can not log into the account.

Make sure that you enter the correct data that was specified during registration: email and password (depending on the register and keyboard language).

If you have forgotten your password, go to the "Reset Password" screen, enter your account email. A link to the new password setting page will be sent to the email. After a successful password change, go to the app and enter the new data.

If, after logging in, you are redirected back to the login page, then your account has been blocked. Contact your administrator through http://oildrop.net/contacts.

2. What names can I use in OilDrop?

OilDrop is a business community where people use real names by which they are known in life. Your first and last name cannot contain:

  • characters, numbers, incorrectly used letters and punctuation marks;
  • any titles (for this there is a field "Position");
  • offensive or obscene material;
  • user profile is intended for individual use;
  • fake pages cannot be created (pages with nonexistent or fake name and surname);

3. How to set up a ribbon theme?

The most interesting categories you choose when registering an account. Interests can always be changed in the settings section "Specialization and interests."

4. My interests are not listed.

OilDrop welcomes all users. If your interests are not listed, use "Other." We hope that in the process of using the application you will find a suitable category for yourself.

5. How to change login and password?

You can always change the login and password in the settings, section "Access data". If you have forgotten your password, use the "Recover Password" button on the login screen. If you have forgotten your login, contact support http://oildrop.net/contacts/ru.

6. How to edit your profile information?

You can always change your profile information in the settings, the "Edit Profile" section. There you can change:

  • photo of your profile;
  • First Name and Surname;
  • date of birth;
  • location;
  • company;
  • position.

Specialization can always be changed in the section "Specialization and interests.

7. How to change a profile photo?

You can always change the photo of your profile in the settings, the "Edit Profile" section. You can also do this on the main page of your profile by clicking on the old photo or (if you didn’t upload it) to the standard image.

8. How to share publications?

You can create a publication on the profile page or in the news feed by clicking on the "New Post" button. You will be prompted to select a post category, enter the text of the publication itself, upload photo and video files. After everything is ready click on the "Publish" button.

9. I can not post a post.

Post without text can not be published.

Check your internet connection.

Restart the application.

10. How does the news feed work?

The popular news section of Lena presents the most popular posts based on your specialization and user rating (number of likes and comments). The news section "My News" presents posts on your chosen interests, depending on the date of publication.

11. I often receive notifications.

You can always customize the sound of notifications or turn them off in the phone settings. Turning off notifications be prepared that you can miss something important.

12. I do not receive notifications.

Most likely you have disabled notifications from the OilDrop application in the phone settings. Check them out.

13. When publishing a post, a notification sound sounds.

Most likely you have turned on the sound to download data for the OilDrop application in the phone settings. Check them out.

14. When publishing a post, an error message pops up.

Check your internet connection. If you upload photo and video files, check their format, it should correspond to the required one (for images: .jpg, .png, .gif; for video files: .avi, .mp4, .3gp).

15. How to report a profile?

You can report a profile in support of OilDrop http://oildrop.net/contacts/ru.