OilDrop application news

Actual oil prices in the world
The first large-scale financial manipulations with the price of oil began in the 19th century. In the early stages of the development of the oil industry, the price of oil was established by monopolistic companies, the first of which was Standard Oil, and later the Texas Railway Committee.  In...
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Prices for precious materials and metal market news in OilDrop
Since ancient times, mankind has known metals such as gold and silver. Until now, they are good investments, because the price for them does not fall and only increases with every ten years. Most banks in the world use gold as liquidity. This metal is not subject to corrosion and has wide...
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Stock quotes and currency market news in OilDrop
The share price is the price of one share of a number of a company's inventory, production, industrial or other financial asset. Most often, the stock price is different from their market value - globally it is associated with the growth of income and the popularity of the company. The market price...
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