On information sources it is very difficult to filter out the news that interests you - everything goes in a row, regardless of the field of activity.

In OilDrop, we want to remove all information barriers that restrict access to information in one way or another.

News in OilDrop are presented by two tapes: popular and my news. Popular posts that have received the most likes during the day. The second tape displays the publications on your interests and subscriptions in chronological order.

During registration, you can choose the specializations you are interested in so as not to miss the latest news in your field of activity. If you need to change them, you can always do this in your account settings.

List of available specializations:

  • Water and geothermal drilling
  • Drilling for oil, gas
  • Field operation
  • Financial sector
  • Geological exploration
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Mining
  • Oil refining
  • Petrochemistry
  • Sales department
  • Transport equipment and machinery, services
  • Other