According to historical data, it was established that people were still 6000–4000 B. C. er already used oil for personal gain. Then the bitumen from oil was used in construction, and the oil collected from the surface of the water was used for heating.

In ancient Egypt, oil was used for embalming. On the territory of modern Russia, by the 16th century under Boris Godunov, the message from Ukhta about “combustible water is thick”.

With the invention of the kerosene lamp, the demand for oil has increased significantly. Until the second half of the XIX century, oil was used in its pure form, and it was not until 1823, when the Dubinins extracted kerosene from it, that oil was actively processed. In the USA, this happened a little later, in 1855, by chemist B. Siliman. After these two events, oil began to be produced by means of boreholes, rather than wells.

In 1847, the first oil exploration well was drilled. In 1864, the first production well was drilled in the Kuban (in America - in 1859).

With the spread of electricity, the need for kerosene lamps began to decrease. Henry Ford in 1908 produces the first car with an internal combustion engine and since then the need for gasoline has only increased.