Mining of oil and gas

The largest oil fields in Russia
Information about the first field in Russia dates back to 1684, oil was discovered in the Irkutsk Ostrog area by Leonty Kislyansky.According to official data, there are 136 deposits in Russia today. At one of the largest fields, 3,000,000,000 tons of oil was produced - the Romashkinskoye field. It...
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Renewable energy sources and Big Oil
The revolution in renewable energy, which many consider a threat to the oil and gas industry, can bring to this industry. This was announced for CNBC by the head of the department of natural resources research in the EMEA region Goldman Sachs.“The desire for decarbonization, the desire of the...
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The history of oil production - briefly about the main
According to historical data, it was established that people were still 6000–4000 B. C. er already used oil for personal gain. Then the bitumen from oil was used in construction, and the oil collected from the surface of the water was used for heating.In ancient Egypt, oil was used for embalming....
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